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In-water Tours

Boat Diving

Step aboard our boat, Mana,and embark on a journey to the dive site, where you'll witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Kaikoura where majestic mountains gracefully meet the sea. Don't forget to keep your camera at the ready

As we navigate towards the dive site, keep a keen eye out for captivating encounters with seals, frolicsome dolphins, and a captivating array of seabirds gracing our path.

We offer double and single dives from the boat. Common sightings include Fur Seals, Pacific Octopus, Crayfish and a huge variety of marine life.

Shore Diving

For the adventurous at heart, shore diving offers an exhilarating and unique challenge. Climb over rocks and dive into the ocean for an unforgettable experience.

This is your chance to get up close to the stunning coastline and discover how it has become our very own backyard. Become a part of the adventure as you explore the peninsula through these exciting trips. Expect shallower dives, occasional encounters with seals, and the chance to marvel at the beautiful terrain that awaits you.
Join us in embracing the thrill of shore diving!

Introductory Dive

Get in the water and give SCUBA a try, no experience necessary.

Discover Kaikoura's underwater beauty with an Introductory Dive!

If you're new to the world of SCUBA, an introductory dive is the perfect gateway to explore the underwater wonders of Kaikoura. No prior experience is needed.

Under the guidance of a certified instructor, you'll embark on a journey that combines a dash of education, essential underwater skills, and a whole lot of saltwater excitement. Before you know it, you'll be completely captivated by the allure of the underwater world. Dive in and let the adventure begin!


what Could you see?

Dive into a Vibrant Underwater Paradise!

Beneath the surface, a breathtaking underwater garden awaits, adorned with a kaleidoscope of kelps and seaweeds in an array of vivid reds, oranges, purples, greens, and browns that gracefully blanket our rocky reefs. As you explore these waters, you'll discover a rich tapestry of marine life.

Our pristine underwater environment teems with an abundance of native fish species, including octopus, moki, blue cod, wrasse, and butterfish, creating a bustling underwater ecosystem. From time to time, schools of baitfish gracefully glide by, adding to the captivating spectacle.

Amidst the rocks, hidden gems await, such as crayfish, paua, and Kina beds, sometimes cleverly concealed in plain sight. Keep an eye out for fascinating macro life like nudibranchs, adding intrigue to your underwater journey.

And if you're exceptionally fortunate, you might be treated to the playful antics of fur seals, as they frolic and dance in the bubbles of our underwater world. Dive into this enchanting realm and experience the wonders of marine life like never before!

Blue Water

Open Water Diver


Learn to dive!

Join us for three days and learn the fundamentals you need to know to get you started! You will gain the ability to dive around the globe and explore our underwater playground.

  • Be Certified to dive to a depth of 18m

  • Earn your globally recognised SCUBA certification and dive around the world.

  • Meet the requirements to further your education with our diving specialty programmes!

  • Become a confident and safe diver.

Specialty Programs

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The world of diving can be a completely new experience after the sun sets. Experience new wildlife and sights, add to the feeling of adventure and improve on your existing scuba skillset. 


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