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+6421 0260 2316

I forgot my certification card, am I still able to dive?

Yes! We can look up your certification online before your dive, to speed up the process, please get in touch before the day of your adventure.

Do I need experience?

No! That's the beautiful thing. Even if you've never even looked at a wetsuit, we can get you in the water. The only requirement is that you are a competent swimmer and love ocean life.


If you're inexperienced, you will need to book a "Discover Scuba Experience" and leave the rest to us!

Can I dive with dolphins and whales?

Short answer - No, you can't.


Slightly longer answer - The Kaikoura coastline is hugely abundant as far as all wildlife goes, with 80% of the WORLDS marine mammal species visiting us each year. We are very lucky! The whales and the dolphins tend to hang out in the deeper waters (500+ metres) so negotiating a guaranteed encounter with them is nearly impossible. It's not all bad news however - We do frequently get the joy of swimming with NZ Fur Seals underwater, and a dolphin sighting does come about on particularly lucky days.

What will we see?

Marine life in Kaikoura is wild and rugged just like the coastline.  We see a variety of life thriving amongst the swell, kelp, rocks and rugged terrain, each using their own unique methods.

We are very lucky to dive such a busy coastline. Often, the NZ Fur Seal will come and join us for a swim.


Hidden away on rocks we find small carnivorous sea slugs called Nudibranchs. There is over a hundred different species! Our common species we see is the Goniobranchus aureomarginatus, they are white with an orange ring around the rim. 


As for species of fish there is an abundance of Blue Cod, Blue Moki, Red Moki, Marble Fish and many others! Some of the fish here are very curious and may swim right up to your mask. We are blessed with an incredible range of biodiversity.


Crayfish are hugely abundant here and have supported the indigenous Maori settlements giving Kaikoura its name! (Kai = To Eat, Koura = Crayfish).


The common Pacific Octopus is a frequent sighting here as well as it is amazing to see such a fluid, soft creature surviving in a wild environment.

Cancellation Policy (in a nutshell)

  • No refund if cancelled within 24hrs of scheduled tour date.

  • All tours are subject to minimum numbers and weather conditions.

  • Dave’s Diving Kaikoura has the right to cancel any tours at any time.

  • In the event of a weather cancellation, you will receive a full refund.

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