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Did you know the name Kaikoura has a Maori meaning? Translated, the definition is "to eat Crayfish". Hunting and gathering seafood is deeply entrenched in our community and culture. Here at Daves', we support the hunting and gathering of Kai, but we have firm beliefs in sustainability. If we gather responsibly and stay within the limits and size restrictions, we have the ability to preserve our traditions for generations to come.

Crayfish Limits

Daily bag limit of 6.

Measure the tail width in a straight line, between the tips of the two large (primary) spines on the second segment of the tail.

  • The minimum measurement for males is 54mm.

  • The minimum measurement for females is 60mm.

  • If you're not sure what sex the lobster is, use the 60mm measurement.

Unsure of anything? Please, give us a call. We're very happy to help.


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