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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Daves Diving came to fruition when two Daves, who were equally passionate about diving and our seas, came together by chance and chose to join forces to create a 5 star establishment. Each Dave had the mutual goal of making our wonderfully wild coastline accessible to all those with a spark of adventure in their hearts.

Here at Daves Diving, we offer diving for all ages and experience levels. Not only diving, we also carry a variety of SCUBA and snorkelling gear, equipment rental and a variety of gear servicing and repairs.

Fantastic diving along the entire coastline of Kaikoura is our specialty. Kaikoura is a very special place, with a remarkable level of biodiversity, our cold water diving is some of the coolest around (pun intended). Join us to experience kelp forests, octopus, stingray, spectacular biodiversity and so much more. 


We are a family run operation and can provide a truly personalised experience.

Ready to take the plunge?


Where the land meets the sea.

There are few places on earth like Kaikōura, a small coastal village that has breath taking views that will stop you in your tracks.  The towering snow-clad mountains known as the Seaward Kaikōura’s provide a stunning backdrop over the town centre which extends out to the Kaikōura Peninsula, where the waves of the Pacific Ocean roll in. 

In our small town, the ocean holds significant value to every single resident in some way or another. The powerful waters of the Pacific can seem daunting to those who may be unfamiliar, but with the right knowledge, can provide many breath-taking adventures. With several water-based tourism operators in town, our specialty lies beneath the surface.

The diving here is unlike any other. The peninsula holds a spectacular volume of biodiversity, what you'll find on dives with us is a scene absolutely bursting with life. From the smallest of Nudibranchs to the most playful of seals, our perfect waters offer a host of opportunity for every type of diver.

Kaikōura is the northern-most district within the Canterbury region and is easily accessible with a 2.5hr drive from Christchurch. To the North is the port of Picton just 2hrs drive, where you can catch the ferry across to Wellington.







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