About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Daves Diving came to fruition when two Daves, who were equally passionate about diving and our seas, came together by chance and chose to join forces to create a 5 star establishment. Each Dave had the mutual goal of making our wonderfully wild coastline accessible to all those with a spark of adventure in their hearts.

Here at Daves Diving, we offer diving for all ages and experience levels. Not only diving, we also carry a variety of SCUBA and snorkelling gear, equipment rental and a variety of gear servicing and repairs.

Daves Diving is a dream coming to fruition. We will be officially open for business from the 16th of October 2021, located at 79 Beach Road, Kaikoura.

do I need Experience?

No! That's the beautiful thing. Even if you've never even looked at a wetsuit, we can get you in the water. The only requirement is that you are a competent swimmer and love ocean life.


If you're inexperienced, you will need to book a "Discover Scuba Experience" and leave the rest to us!

I forgot my certification card, am i still able to dive?

Yes! We can look up your certification online before your dive, to speed up the process, please get in touch before the day of your adventure.

Can I dive with dolphins and whales?

Short answer - No, you can't.


Slightly longer answer - The Kaikoura coastline is hugely abundant as far as all wildlife goes, with 80% of the WORLDS marine mammal species visiting us each year. We are very lucky! The whales and the dolphins tend to hang out in the deeper waters (500+ metres) so negotiating a guaranteed encounter with them is nearly impossible. It's not all bad news however - We do frequently get the joy of swimming with NZ Fur Seals underwater, and a dolphin sighting does come about on particularly lucky days.

What makes daves' diving the best choice for me?

Daves Diving offers a fully personalised experience. Whether you're the type of diver who loves the little things, taking photos or a total deep junkie - We've got you covered!

Meet The Team

Here at Daves' Diving, we all share one very important passion; The ocean. Founded and operated by the Daves, see below to get to know each of us a little better.

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Dave P



Dave started to come to Kaikoura in 2013, and loved it so much that we bought a house, and haven’t looked back since.

Boating, fishing and free diving is what Dave spends a lot of his free time doing prior to getting right into Diving.

After an intro to diving trip in Rarotonga, Dave was hooked, and got his PADI Advanced diving qualification at Dive HQ in Christchurch. 

Dave has been diving all over the world in various locations - the most interesting being shark diving in Fiji!

Dave has been involved with Canterbury Dive Club and North Canterbury Dive club. Carrying on with the water theme, Dave is a Volunteer of North Canterbury Coastguard, since 2015.

During the working week, Dave is a Self employed Carpenter, specialising in Light commercial building. Dave has also done a few short stints working in Kaikoura on the Council building and the Pier Hotel.

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Dave W



Dave W had his first taste of diving in meteor formed West Hawk Lake in Canada back in 1981. Many years and so many locations later Dave still loves the underwater world. It is a truly magical and natural place that deserves our love, protection and admiration. With the willing help of his dive instructor daughter he attained his Rescue Diver Cert a couple of years ago and with the lovely opportunity afforded by the local paradise that is Kaikoura, well, the sky's the limit! Dave's day job is dentistry and he has been practicing  in Christchurch since emigrating to this lovely country with his young family in 2003. Daves' Diving Kaikoura opens the door to yet more grand adventure and the future is, indeed, wet!




SSI Instructor

Shop Manager

Evelyn began her diving journey in 2010 in Niue. After a close encounter with a humpback Evelyn decided there was only one good way to spend time... Underwater!

Evelyn is an experienced diver and has been instructing on a professional level since 2016. She previously was in an instructor role with Dive Kaikoura, the local shop here in town that recently closed it's doors permanently.

After being approached by the Daves and offered the opportunity to continue exploring the incredible underwater world of Kaikoura, how could she say no?!

sean dive.jpg


SSI Instructor

PADI Divemaster

Fresh off the block Divemaster and right into work. Sean has been diving in Kaikoura for
about a year now. Nothing too crazy but he has a true love for the beauty of
the peninsula.
His first ocean dives were right here in Kaikoura. He has been diving in plenty of places such as Akaroa, Island Bay, Niue, Lake
Coleridge, Tutukaka and Kaikoura. Coming back to Kaikoura to do his DiveMasters
Certificate with dreams of diving the globe he landed a job with us for the season. You may find that Sean will forever be returning to
Kaikoura for the summer season of diving in this biodiverse, beautiful coastline.



SSI Instructor


PADI Divemaster

Spearfishing Guide

Meet Zach! Zach has been a certified PADI Divemaster for 4 years and is stoked to be joining the crew at Daves Diving! He has spent 2 years guiding around Kaikoura waters in other capacities such as kayaks and whale watching, so you may already know this face! Through this, he has come to know the coastline very well.

Zach is an exceptional freediver and he's looking forward to passing his passion for spearfishing on to the community.

With a deep knowledge of the environment and a passion for conserving our beautiful little paradise, Zach is very excited to be teaching how we can cultivate our own food from this unique environment while still respecting the life within it and maintaining a sustainable balance carrying into the future. Plus he's likely to show you many of the other wonderful creatures and sights around!