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Meet the Team

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Dave W



Dave W had his first taste of diving in meteor formed West Hawk Lake in Canada back in 1981. Many years and so many locations later Dave still loves the underwater world. It is a truly magical and natural place that deserves our love, protection and admiration. With the willing help of his dive instructor daughter he attained his Rescue Diver Cert a couple of years ago and with the lovely opportunity afforded by the local paradise that is Kaikoura, well, the sky's the limit! Dave's day job is dentistry and he has been practicing  in Christchurch since emigrating to this lovely country with his young family in 2003. Daves' Diving Kaikoura opens the door to yet more grand adventure and the future is, indeed, wet!



Shop Manager
SSI Instructor


Haylee is a local who started diving in Kaikoura by doing her Open Water in the winter of 2013. Fast forward a few years and Haylee found herself in Thailand working as a Divemaster. 

From then on Haylee left the winter waters of Kaikoura to chase warmer waters. Diving around the world in places such as; The Pacific, Cyprus, Malta, Zanzibar, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali. 

Haylee is an admin superstar and works behind the scenes to make sure everything we do is running smoothly.  

You will find her behind the desk, underwater or manning the boat at Daves Diving helping you achieve you diving needs!



SSI Instructor


Meet Zach! Zach has been a certified PADI Divemaster for 4 years and is stoked to be joining the crew at Daves Diving! He has spent 2 years guiding around Kaikoura waters in other capacities such as kayaks and whale watching, so you may already know this face! Through this, he has come to know the coastline very well.

Zach is an exceptional freediver and he's looking forward to passing his passion for spearfishing on to the community.

With a deep knowledge of the environment and a passion for conserving our beautiful little paradise, Zach is very excited to be teaching how we can cultivate our own food from this unique environment while still respecting the life within it and maintaining a sustainable balance carrying into the future. Plus he's likely to show you many of the other wonderful creatures and sights around!

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