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Thoughts Of Underwater Phobias #1

Back in 2014 I was spoiled with a family trip to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It is a classic tropical island-coconut trees, coral reefs and fantastic humid heat. Snorkelling and scuba diving. I already knew about my fear of deep water. However on this holiday I also discovered a phobia of all sea life, including simple small coral fish. Bloody ridiculous! Fear is fear, consider Batman he learned that fear was one of his own greatest strengths. I cannot say I am at the level of a fictional comic book vigilante, there are most definitely still fears of the ocean that I still am yet to overcome. At least small fish do not scare me anymore and diving to one hundred feet, no sweat.

How did I change this fear? Was it sitting on the beach watching my family splash and laugh in the water? Or my sister calling me a chump and forcing me to jump into a deep lake without being able to see the bottom? Or the inspiration of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy? Quite possibly I just matured a little. If you want any advice to go from absolute zero desire of entering the ocean, accompanied by fear and changing it to a daily activity that is a part of your job. I have none, it felt like a total fluke.

The only noticeable change was the gradual increase of time I started spending in the ocean. From swimming, surfing, jumping off rocks, snorkelling and diving. It was not an immediate change, it was a slow process of discovering the ocean and its brilliance. Then when your family plans to do another holiday overseas to a tropical island again, no way am I going to be sitting in the hot sun bored because I only brought one book.

Yes, not having a phobia or fear is great! Overcoming them feels even better. You can give yourself the confidence to do so, just understand how much to do so you do not scare yourself off something that could be life changing

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